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Petya Hatch Photography


Newborns and Sitters are photographed in the studio in order to use all of these amazing props. I hand make each and every one of my props. I have 100's of items I have created over the years and always make new custom items for each family that comes to the studio. I only use the highest quality material in my props. I love to use French angora or anything locally made. I talk about this during the pre-consultation in order to get colors that the parent like so I can make their custom props. These images only show a small amount of my collection. I think I have filled every available spot in my house, LOL! I display my props so that parents can also choose outfits that they want to photograph their babies in. I have props for all ages, so it is not necessary to bring anything for your session. I have you covered!

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4961 Monte Verde Drive

Fort worth, TX 76244

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